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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are going to tell you about the celebrity enclave now affected and how bay area firefighters are stepping in to help. the big question is, will the south bay snag the super bowl. we will tell you why florida politics could make or break santa clara's chances. >> plus, fired first and now charged with fraud. why a b.a.r.t. officer linked to the oscar grant shooting investigation is finding himself back in court. >> one more day of near record warmth before we get a major cooldown. we will let you know what places will be the most comfortable for your getaway friday. we will talk about showers in the forecast, giving the timeline for our next rain. you might be thinking friday but i have a new incident across one of your bay area bridges. we will show you how this affects traffic into and out of the east bay. >> we take you live out to the revolutionary airplane right now that's set to take off, the solvay. bob redell is out there
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chronicling this. it will be using only the power of the sun. it is pretty special to watch. they will be taking this down to phoenix and then cross country. it will be quite the sight to see. it is friday, may 3rd. "today in the bay." 6:00. 6:01. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. pretty excited we are keeping tabs on that this morning. it is the first of its kind solar impulse launching on a journey across the united states. without using a single drop of fuel. these are live pictures from moffett field this morning. it is going to be traveling about 40 miles, 30-40 miles an hour. the plane is going to make a few stops before eventually arriving in virginia. "today in the bay's" own bob redell is live on the runway this morning. he is going to have more on a live report coming up for us. >> we are going to check with bob right now actually. it is getting close to takeoff. what are you seeing? what can you tell us?
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all right. we are here at runway 32. the main runway here. solar impulse is supposed to be taking off at 6:00 straight up, about a minute past. we know they are ready. they have already removed the chalk from the main wheel up front. they have two people on either ends of the wings to help keep the plane from tipping over, because it is not a conventional aircraft. it can tip one way or the other. they are holding the edges of the wings. what we should see are the four electric motors revving up. you will see this plane take off slower than any aircraft you have ever seen before. it can only go roughly 30-40 miles an hour. it doesn't seem like it should be able to fly but it does. the attempt they are going to try to do with solar impulse is to be flying across country. now, given the fact that it only goes 30-40 miles an hour, it is a very slow airplane. there is no way one man, the
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solo pilot, should withstand a cross country pilot. it will take too long. this is the first leg. it will be heading south to phoenix. that's ruffle going to be a 19, 20-hour flight. it is not going to arrive until 1:00 this morning. completely by the power of the sun. what's going to be historical about this flight is that this can fly with not using one ounce of fuel. it can also fly at night. it does have batteries on board. as we have the sun rising right now, most likely, it will be powered, the 12,000 solar cells will be powered by the sun and at night, the batteries would be taking over. they want to prove that, a, yes, it can be done, "b," they want to inspire engineers, students, people throughout the world to try to come up with advances in clean technology. obviously, solar power being one of those technologies. on board, you can't see him inside is the pilot, bertrand picard, a swiss gentleman. he and his partner have been preparing for this piece of h
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history for years. i am sure once i send it back to the studio is when they will take off, such is the murphy's law of live reporting. we will come back to you. it is running a few minutes behind. >> it does have a slow takeoff. we will check back in with bob coming up. it is 6:04 right now. we do have breaking news to tell you about happening overseas in kyrgyzstan. this is about 100 miles from the air base. local government officials say the refuelling tanker plane broke into three peaces when it crashed into a rural area. we are not sure how many people have died or if anyone on board survived. we are certainly keeping an eye on this situation. we will bring you any developments as soon as we get them. we are also keeping our eye on a developing story in
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southern california where strong winds continue to fuel that raging wild fire down there. this happening in ventura county. the flames have already cut a 10-mile path along the pacific. now, the fire growing and it is heading up all the way to malibu. firefighters down there, man, this has been tough. right now, just 10% of that fire is contained. 900 firefighters and deputies are on scene there trying to take care of this. 2000 homes currently threatened. we are being told 25 homes now damaged and a cluster of rvs destroyed. right now, we will give you a live look at that wild fire. that smoke billowing into the air heading towards the malibu hills this morning. about 10,000 acres currently burning. you can see the sun finally coming up. the planes and helicopters with the sun back up, will be able to get back in the air and drop water down on this. the fire-retardant fuel trying to knock those flames down and contain it. it has been a rough one. we will keep our eyes on it.
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>> they need as much help as they can get. just about two hours ago, firefighters left to help fight that fire. now growing as you saw there so rapidly across southern california. marla tallez joins us live with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: a total of 13 strike teams from the bay area are heading to ventura county, including one from santa clara county where we are at the santa clara county fire department headquarters. it was very bright and early when most of you were still asleep when we met up with almost two dozen firefighters in gilroy this morning from alameda and san mateo counties as they left from southern california. this was about 3:30 this morning. the battalion chief telling us how important it is to get down there and help protect the threatened homes. he says this particular group consists of five engines, 22 personnel and more is on the way. there is another strike team right behind us from alameda county, fire as well.
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some of my peers are coming down as well right behind us. there is additional strike teams forming up throughout the bay area. >> in just about every county in the bay area is sending a crew. marin, san francisco, santa clara, plus two groups from monterrey county. it is expected to be 90-100 degrees in ventura county today again. another scorcher out there. fire officials say overnight crews did their best to protect homes and cut containment lines with hand tools and bulldozeers but as jon just pointed out, the sun is rising right now. this means air attacks will be able to resume shortly. latest numbers, once again, show 10,000 acres burned. 25,000 homes damaged and still just 10% contained. the alameda county battalion chief we spoke to just as they were getting ready to leave, he says he certainly knows the next couple of days, few days are not going to be easy. he knows that they are entering extreme conditions. he says it is his job. they are happy to do so.
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we wish them all the best. live in los gatos, marla tallez, "today in the bay." thanks for the update. marla. new this morning, the labor department just releasing the latest unemployment numbers for the month of april. surprisingly higher than expected. 165,000 jobs that drops the unemployment rate to 6.5% or 7.5%. much higher than march. business and tech reporter, scott mcgrew, will have more on the jobs numbers coming up throughout the morning. the city of santa clara could learn if it is a lock-in to host the 2016 super bowl game. it will be a good one if it happens miami, which is also bidding for the game, having trouble securing funding to improve the stadium down there. it is mandated by the nfl if they want the super bowl. >> "today in the bay's" christie smith live in the 49ers new stadium they are building in santa clara. she has a look at our chance of hosting the big super bowl. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the question is, will the people
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of florida decide that they want to pay to compete with something like this, the bay area's super bowl bid could be nearly decided today for the year 2016. the 50th super bowl, based on the 49ers new stadium. that's one part. maybe even more critical, the shortcomings of sun life stadium in florida, which is 26 years old. that's nearly stone age by some nfl standards. the nfl wants major upgrades if the super bowl were to be played there. nfl owners are picking between the niners, santa clara stadium and south florida for the 2016 game. the dolphins send in their big gun legendary quarterback, dan marino, to lobby florida lawmakers to support a $350 million plan. even if they do, miami voters would still have to approve a tax-payer funded stadium renovation and show that voters don't approve that. bay area leaders are moving in with a bit of their own that meets the nfl suggestions. the $1.2 billion stadium needed
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to host 70,000 fans host a huge tailgate party. a secure perimeter. that goes to the nfl headquarters on tuesday. miami has proved ten times that it can host its super bowl. it needs a renovated stadium to make that happen now. they will be picking their stadium on may 21st. reporting live in santa clara, christie smith, "today in the bay." fun to see. >> keep our fingers crossed. what would be nice, a little lemonade out there today. you are going to need it for sure. if you see any of those stands, it is always nice to stop off for those kids. they do whatever they can to make that money for the summertime. after all, just a few weeks away from the kids getting out for summer. already feeling very summerlike here in the bay area. crystal clear start for the day. no fog to cool us off as an indication of another scorcher. it is 6:10 right now. let's get right to your temperatures this morning. they are pretty mild in san
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francisco, 57 degrees. we do have sunshine coming in early, light wind, no delays if you are trying to get to chicago on this getaway friday. we have delays stacking up there due to a weather system. you want to check ahead with your carrier. we were hotter on your first day of may than they were in miami. another hot one today. this mild start is part of the reason why. 59 degrees to start the day in oakland, 56 in san jose. hour by hour detail. by noon, you will be in the low 80s inland. up to the low 90s by 4:00 p.m. 82, bayside, 80 to round out the day at the coast. let's get you to work on time this friday. we don't want any problems. >> we don't want any unexpected problems. i don't want you to have any problems. christina is right. we are looking at the north bay at southbound 101 not a problem. starting to pick up dramatically. let me show you the map. south 101 approaching at 37. a report of a fender-bender. that may be an issue as you
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travel through novato. the updated location northbound, 101 toward 37, that's counter commute. there is your commute for highway 37. we will send it back to you with slowing out of vallejo. let's take you live for a look. a little bit of history in tmak. you are watching the solar impulse taking off on a journey across the united states without using a drop of fuel. 40 miles per hour. the big bird finally in the area. been out there all morning. bob redell will be along in a matter of minutes. we are back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy...
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time for a quick check of the day's top story. bay area firefighters on their way down to ventura county to help out and fight the spring fire. they left more than two hours ago. this fire raging down there. very tough for firefighters, more than 10,000 acres forcing
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hundreds of people out of their homes, 25 homes destroyed so far. police will determine whether a gunman at the houston airport was shot by a security guard or if he shot himself. police say the man fired a shot in the air at one of the terminals and refused to drop his weapon. the security agent fired at the man at the same time the man appeared to shoot himself. president obama speaking to a group of students in mexico city today before heading to costa rica to meet with central american leaders. the president meeting yesterday with his mexican counterparts to discuss trade and border security. new this morning, some surprising and good news. the u.s. labor department says 165,000 jobs were out in the month of april. >> scott mcgrew says you have to treat that like a kid's report card. >> we are going to say it is good news if your kid got a "c" last semester. now, he just got a b minus. 165,000 is twice the number we saw last month. it is a good improvement. a better grade.
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the unemployment rate drops to 7.5%. i've had a chance to really look carefully at the numbers. what we are seeing is a revision upwards in past months. economists had said, we looked at some of the numbers from before. they are much better than we expected. i think that's going to be truly the good news. now, wall street, we're talking about some really good numbers on wall street this morning. this because of the good news in the past months that we have seen. wall street just so used to bad news these days. other news, the pentagon this morning will allow the samsung galaxy, the new phone, to be used by soldiers and other people who need security. this is an unusual move. it will be the very first smart phone to do so. the apple iphone hasn't been approved yet. we do expect that to happen. take a look at this. this is video out of harvard. this is so cool. they call this the bumblebee.
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it is a brand new drone. we are reading about this in the journal of science. it is about the size of a quarter. you can see there, it relies on a tether for power. nobody has made a battery quite powerful enough or small enough to fit in. in a related matter, a bill is working its way through the california senate this morning, which would legislate drones like that here in the state. he is the senator that wrote the bill. not as concerned about the big drones, might see people flying in a park. what they are really worried about, what they want to get ahead of are these little bumblebees and things. we showed it to you live. it is going without an ounce of
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fuel. >> it is intriguing, compelling, the future of flight today. bob redell. can you tell us how far has that plane gone along? how far is this trip going to take? >> well, it is going to be done in five legs. right now, solar impulse, give you some perspective, is north of moffett field where you are at right now. you can see, it is headed in a northwesterly direction. it looks like it will be headed over the tri-valley very soon for what's going to be a 19-20-hour flight to phoenix. the first leg eventually within weeks will make it to the east coast in new york city but part of the issue is why it can't make it in one day. the plane can make it in one day. the pilot couldn't. no man could stay awake for that amount of time. it has to be done in these short spurts of 19-20-hour legs. it is powered by this beautiful source of energy that's arising right now to the west of me.
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it is being powered by four electric motors combined. the horsepower in those four motors, about the equivalent of a vespa motor scooter weight of a car. it is put together with carbon fiber. the whole point of this, the two swiss men who are putting this together, one who is actually flying right now, the whole point is to inspire clean technology and to see if this can be done, which they believe it will be able to do. they have taken solar impulse over europe for a 26-hour flight. right now, as you can see, it is heading now towards the east, towards the west. maybe it is during a quick fly-over of the bay area before it starts heading south to sky harbor international where it will be landing tonight at 1:00
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a.m. bob redell, "today in the bay." a clear day out there as well. >> abundant sunshine to keep it going. nice and sunny. those solar bowls take. 6:20. if you have the solar on your home, boy, oh, boy, has your energy been coming in. another round of no fog to cool us down. another round of completely clear skies all the way from the coast during your inland cities. san jose, at 6:20, you can see the sun starting to make an appearance here. it is going to be a hot one today. by tomorrow, you will notice significant cooldown. we have a major cooldown ahead for the bay area. 60 degrees to start in pacifica. 62, half moon bay. as we head throughout the day today, because we are starting out so mild, high temperatures are going to be able to climb towards those near record levels, 92, inland, bayside, 82.
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80 degrees at the coast. by this weekend, two systems start to impact. we are going to get our first round of light showers on sunday, mostly the golden gate bridge. slight shower chances starting late monday lasting through late wednesday. we are not expecting much rain. we will get much cooler weather out of the two systems. we are talking about much-needed rain at this point. we will take whatever we can get. highs today work like this, 92, livermore, 81, san francisco. hot weekend until saturday. 76 degrees by sunday through showers. monday, tuesday, wednesday, much cooler. let's check on that drive. a lot happens with our own mike inouye. >> it is friday. we have seen a heavier flow of traffic this last week. it does look like the bay bridge turned the metering lights on. a little earlier than we see on a friday. we see the backup here. there is movement here. it goes back around west grand avenue. the maps will show you no slowing down the eastshore freeway. pretty nice around the berkeley curve as well. slowing coming out of richmond and san pablo westbound.
6:22 am
carquinez bridge, okay. no incidents reported. we do have north 680 across the brge northbound out of the east bay. report of a laundry bag in the lanes. got to do the laundry before the weekend, i suppose. that is getting a little dirty here. this is west 580 toward the dublin interchange. 84, isabelle, through livermore and the build out of the altamont pass continues. typical pattern there. northbou northbound route through the south bay, a hot day. a pickup truck pulling a boat. they are sticking out into the slow lane. watch it there. a quick look at the bay area peninsula. palo alto, with a smooth drive over here toward the area off of the san mateo bridge. back to you. the time is 6:22. coming up, a very popular drink with a price tag that might make you do some serious gulping. we will tell you why some mint juleps at this year's kentucky derby are going for $1,000 each. >> don't spill it. [ male announcer ] no matter what you're doing,
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here we go. 6:25. "today" marks the beginning of the kentucky derby. food and fashion getting a lot of attention. people spending weeks trying to pick out the perfect outfit for the big race. everybody looking to look good and make a statement. for the ladies, of course, it is all about the hats. we're seeing this as a
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resurgence. we are see ag lot of broader brims. 160,000 people that go. 100,000 of them are dressed and 50,000 of those are dressed to the nines. i think she is a little excited. of course, there is the food. chefs preparing to serve more than half a million meals. turkey, one of the favorite menu items at the derby. the chefs say they are cooking 17,000 pounds of turkey this week alone the drink of choice on the menu at the derby is the classic mint julip. if you are feeling a little charitable and a little thirsty, $1,000 will get you the drink in a sterling silver cup that includes an engraved horse, a rider and a gold-plated gauntlet of roses and a gold-plated straw. the money raised will be donated to the old friends thoroughbred retirement center for former race horses. the mint july lep that includes spear mint leaves, bowurbon,
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water, is a derby classic. 6:26. still ahead, the raging wild fire on a rampage in southern california. we are going to tell you why the fire is spreading so quickly. what coastal college campus is in the path of the sky-high flames. speaking of sky-high, how about a beautiful look at that big bird. no fuel required. completely runs on solar energy. the sun guiding this one. we will show you this one coming up in a live report. the history that it is about to make.
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a college campus shut down as a raging wild fire sweeps through southern california. new details about the intense fire fight next. >> live in new york city, to ring in the day on the new york
6:30 am
stock exchange. surprising numbers on the jobs reports. the numbers will react and the markets will jump as well on this friday, may 3rd. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 on the nose. good morning, everybody. i'm john skelly. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are keeping an eye on a developing story this morning in ventura county where 2000 homes are threatened as the wild fire ripped through the coastline in thousand oaks. classes are canceled at csu, the campus. it is blanketed by thick smoke out there. we have a live look at the wild fire. take a look at it. it could spread south to mali bo bu. 25 homes damaged. 900 firefighters and deputies on the scene with certainly more on the way. fresh off a huge victory over president obama and gun control, the national rifle association still encouraging its members to stand and fight.
6:31 am
today, the nra's annual convention kicking off down in houston. organizers say this year's event could draw it's largest crowd ever. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. this event will have a lot of reporters and critics. >> absolutely. we will see and hear them outside the convention center. today, the nra is expecting tens of thousands of supporters hearing the message, don't give up your weapons and don't give up the fight. >> after defeating gun control in washington, more than 70,000 gun rights advocates are expected to flood houston's convention center today. the theme, stand up and fight. >> one of the things we don't do is with he don't mistake battles for wars. it was a victory and a battle but the war continues addressing the nra today, sarah palin, tex at governor,
6:32 am
rick perry and senator ted cruz, rick santorum and glenn beck are also scheduled to speak. >> this is, in essence, a family gathering for believers in the second amendment. >> reporter: protesters plan demonstrations outside the convention. most americans, including 78% of texans, support background checks. >> guns aren't going away. they are going to be here. we have to figure out a way to make gun owners a little more responsible. >> reporter: the convention is part rally, part gun show, with more than 600 dealers participating. some argue they are the real power behind the nra. >> they are fighting for gun owners. it is fighting for the gun makers. >> that fight on full display in gun friendly texas this weekend. >> and this weekend, in addition to that nra conference, we will hear from those protesters not only demonstrating outside but also on the air waves. they are saturating houston with
6:33 am
tv ads about background checks. >> tracie potts, thank you very much for the update. >> new this morning at 6:32. governor jerry brown warning that a plan he just filed to ease prison overcrowding will undermine public safety. he submitted the plan late last night under protest. it calls for increasing early release credits for inmates and paroling elderly and disabled prisoners, while slowing the return of thousands of inmates being held in private prisons in other states. the plan would also allow inmates with a violent past to become firefighters. the judge required the state to outline how it will reduce the prison population by another 10,000 inmates by the end of the year. governor brown says he will appeal their ruling the time now is 6:33. we, of course, are watching that weather for you, that hot weather outside. give you a live look spanning over san jose with the sun coming up. starting the day here. let's check back in with christina loren. she is watching all those hot
6:34 am
temperatures as the day gets rolling. >> yeah. it is going to be another scorcher, john and laura. good morning to you. good morning to you at home. i want to point out where we hit yesterday. it doesn't look like we are going to see extreme heat like this for at least another week. petaluma, first triple digits. sunnyvale, 97. santa cre sa, 96. sale ma d alma den valley, 96. take you through your hour by hour detail for today. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s, as we head throughout noon, we are going to jump into the mid-80s. many of your inland cities will be in the mid-70s. 81, san mateo at lunchtime, an indication of a very hot day ahead with temperatures soaring 20 degrees above seasonal average. 92 for livermore. high temperatures coming at about 4:30 this time of year. gilroy. 88 in fremont. 85 in he can o land for today. coming up in my next report, if you want cooler weather, we have
6:35 am
a lot of it. the natural a.c. comes back to the bay area. we also have rain in the forecast, seven-day outlook is ready to go. 6:35. if you are ready to go to work, hold that one more minute. mike is here to help you out. >> we are going to look for this. i am going to give you this note for the eastshore freeway. mid screen. just about he low that on the screen, you see a couple of head lights. the reports from chp say there is a concrete chunk in the roadway. i don't anybody swerving through the area. west 80 underneath university, down in through berkeley, there may be some in the roadway and it looks like this may be breaking up as traffic travels over. be prepared. look at the maps. we will show you things overall looking pretty smooth. the build. richmond down towards the berkeley curve. general slowing through the area, pretty typical for this time on a friday. mass transit as well. no delays. b.a.r.t., caltrans, a sharks game in the south bay. san jose, a great opportunity to take the vta and park outside
6:36 am
and take the trains in. no delays. we will look in. in towards livermore, smooth drive slower. clearing a bit. speeding to the 50. approaching the dublin interchange. 84 slows down through livermore. keep that in mind for saturday, come out and say hi. see the chefs. we are looking at southbound 880 through the area of hayward slows as well as down in toward union city. the south bay itself looking really good. 87 and 110 starting to show the volume. a quick check, live view, 110 northbound toward 680. a smooth southbound drive. northbound, that's with all the cars, the reason for the slowing. the volume is building back a former b.a.r.t. police officer fired in connection with the death of oscar grant has now been charged with unemployment fraud. the oakland tribune says tony peroni, the officer with the shaved head shown the morning of
6:37 am
the shooting on new year's day, 2009, he stands accused of collecting unemployment for some seven months after enlisting in the army. he was supposed to appear in court this week. he is currently serving in afghanistan. his case weigh postponed until his return back in the u.s. next year. he has not commented so far on the charges. >> 6:37. still ahead, lucky to be alive and facing serious death. we are going to tell you why missing hikers may have to foot the bill for their dramatic and expensive rescue. >> plus, parachutes and air drop and a life-saving rescue right in the middle of the ocean. this one is all caught on tape. we will have all the new video for you coming up next.
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6:40 am
welcome back. we continue covering homes in southern california. very close to a large home there, a mansion. they are moving toward the malibu area. we will have a report in minutes two hikers rescued from the southern california canyon may have to pay the bill for their rescue. 19-year-old nick sandoya was charged with drug possession. search and rescue crews found meth in his car while they were looking for him and a friend in tribuca canyon. the teens were reportedly
6:41 am
delusional and had hallucinated when they got lost in a hike. one of the rescuers was injured in the search after calling 60 feet. total cost of the rescue, $160,000 this one was a possible life-saving mission completed by the u.s. coast guard. all caught on tape. take a look at the video. a coast guard air crew from sacramento successfully dropping a container with two units of blood inside via parachute, down to a cruise ship west of san francisco. this ship needed medical assistance yesterday, because an elderly woman on board was bleeding internally. she was treated by the ship's doctor. the coast guard still planning to keep a close contact with the ship until it eventually pulls into port in vancouver, canada, sometime tomorrow. 6:41. coming up, gone without a trace. the bay area family's search for the missing daughter next. >> how bay area firefighters are gearing up to get down there and
6:42 am
help fight the massive flames going on in southern california. see the gadgets that made mike inouye and i say, i wish i had thought of that, coming up in gadget friday.
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you are watching 15 minutes of news on "today in the bay." right now, 2000 homes threatened. 900 first responders are there on the scene working very hard trying to knock this one down as much as they can. man, a tough going. only 10% of that fire right now contained. we have live looks at this happening right now. this is a mansion up there near the malibu area. the fire really raging through that. the sun finally coming up this
6:45 am
morning. that will allow the planes and helicopters get back up in the air dropping water and fire-retardant on to the flames and hopefully, start to get this thing under control. still, far from being under control, only 10% contained. >> they are having a tough go of it. crews from the bay area are suiting up, heading down to southern california, to try to help with the fire fight. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is there when they left. she is live in santa clara county with more. good morning. down to ventura county. in all, a total of 13 strike teams are heading down to fight the spring fire. including one in santa clara counsel at the where we are. we were in gilroy when close to two dozen firefighters left for southern california. this was about 3:30 this morning. the battalion chief in allamet
6:46 am
county. he is stressing how important it is to get there and help protect the threatened homes. >> they are calling for additional resources, which structures threatened. we want to get down there as quick as possible. we are at a ronde vow poizvous d we should go to work upon arrival. >> reporter: just about every county in the bay area is sending a crew. take a look, contra costa, marlin, san francisco, santa clara, two groups from on tere county. as far as the weather down south, expected to be 90-100 degrees in ventura county with the haunting winds picking up again. overnight, crews did their best to protect homes and cut containment lines with hand tools and bulldozeers. air attacks will resume. the latest numbers showed 10,000
6:47 am
acres. 25 homes have been damaged so far. but, looking on the bright side, the ventura county fire department stresses that not one home has been destroyed. so certainly the crews are doing something right down there. one last point to make. with the bay area's help now, there are more than 1,000 personnel fighting the spring fire. live in los gatos this morning, marla tallez. "today in the bay." firefighters at a san jose recycling plant checking for hotspots after a major fire there yesterday. the plant processes paper. so all kinds of fuel to feed the flames there. firefighters had to call in some extra crews to get relief from the intense heat. the plant is located on east alma and 10th street. that is near the municipal baseball stadium. home of the san jose giants. the cause of this fire still remains under investigation. >> it is so dry, so hot out there. we had some winds as well. i want to see what we can expect with christina. looking much better.
6:48 am
they will have the stronger winds in so cal today. it is really bad out there. 6:47. we will keep you updated on everything happening throughout the state. we want to make sure you are ready for what could be a pretty severe fire season around the bay area if we don't do our part to make sure that your home is safe, make sure your neighbors are safe as well and defensible space is the way to go. i will put something up for you on my facebook page. the season has started really early, about a month early. 55 degrees in livermore, 54 in sunnyville. starting out really mild, close to 60 in oakland. 57 degrees in san francisco. your hour by hour detail works like this. by noon, we are going to jump to the mid-80s. bayside, 82. 80 degrees at the coast. another good beach day if you can get out there. the winds won't be as much of a factor. it will be a little bit nicer out there on the warm sand, places like santa cruz today. at&t park, this is the place to be. if you have tickets to this ball
6:49 am
game, they are actually taking on the dodgers tonight, 7:00 p.m. 66 degrees out there. that is real will i comfortable for the city of san francisco. wind out of the west, 5-10 miles per hour. great day to be out there. if you can't catch it, just stick with us right here on nbc bay area. we will have that game for you tonight at 7:00. it is metallica night. they will be taking the unforgiven to places they have never been before. hope flu, with he will get some video for that. santa cruz, 78 degrees. breezy conditions at 2:00 p.m. it is going to be warm. temperatures will be perfect. one more day of superb beach conditions. tomorrow, not too bad, just not as great as we have had. beach showers, we are expecting as we head throughout the next couple of days. the coast has the best chance of seeing the rainfall. a system comes through as we head throughout sunday night. that's going to bring light rainfall. a cutoff low. a tricky forecast as we head through late monday into wednesday. this one is probably going to
6:50 am
bring maybe a .0500 of an inch. one of the areas we are going to be watching for you overall. the two systems combined will drop your temperatures from the upper 80s to low 90s today to the low 70s by monday and tuesday. he is a big metal fan, our own mike inouye in your drive. metal like what they used to make cars. i'm technical. over here, a lot of metal on the side of the road because of cement in the middle of the road, over the last 10 minutes stops traffic at university. now, it is moving more smoothly. a couple of cars on the shoulder. look at the map. we will show you it is slow now coming out of san pablo and down towards richmond. breaking up the traffic flow until you get right here off of the merge where speeds come down dramatically from 55 to almost 20 as you are approaching before you get to university.
6:51 am
clearing up over the last few minutes. with an earlier traffic break, things are moving smoothly for the eastshore freeway. a little slowing. 880 approaching the san mateo bridge. the rest of the traffic building as wellheading down towards union city, clearing by the time you get to fremont where it builds up again. heading down in towards milpedis. hereest dublin approach a little slow off the interchange. we will see more traffic flowing down towards sunol. joining up with these folks coming out of livermore. that is going to build for the sunol grade. we will skip over to the peninsula and look quickly at palo alto. the sun will be a factor. back to you. 6:51. right now. new this morning, police in danville searching for a missing 15-year-old girl that could be at risk, the family of madeline langhill, hasn't been seen or heard from since 6:00 last night. authorities aren't saying why
6:52 am
she may be in danger. police say she was last seen wearing black skinny jeans and a black nervana t-shirt. she may also be wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. the family of a 2-year-old boy killed by a falling tree in san jose could soon be getting a payout from the city. the family was waiting in the driveway when the 50-foot tree came crashing down pinning them inside the pickup truck. the little boy was severely hurt and ended up dying. investigators found the tree had rotted roots that caused it to fall. the family sued the city of san jose which owned the tree. this week, city officials recommended a $325,000 settlement, which the family has reportedly accepted. city council will be asked to approve that settlement later this month. >>. >> in the meantime, the family och a martinez boy injured in the boston marathon bombings is going to talk again to the media later this morning. >> aaron hern was hit by sprap
6:53 am
n shrapnel when the bombs went off. he returned to the bay area to celebrate his 12th birthday. that was great. the warriors playoff game got great seats and, guess what? he received a standing ovation when his picture popped up on the jumbotron. it is your world. the warriors invited him and his family as special guests. >> pretty exciting, because in my second game, it was pretty cool because of the things i have been able to do. it is cool to be here right now and see all the warm-ups and everything. >> i love it. getting the vip treatment. i am so happy he is feeling better. maybe it was hern who inspired the warriors. they got it going. his favorite player, steph curry, the nuggets beat them up, 92-88. the warriors advancing to the next round. they will take on the san antonio spurs.
6:54 am
aaron will be cheering them on. they will start game one in stasan antonio at 6:30. santa clara may host the 2016 super bowl game. miami, also bidding for the game, facing an unpopular vote to finance improvements on its own stadium. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live right by the 49ers brand new home in santa clara, which is looking outstanding. we have a chance of landing that game. what do you know? what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. lawmakers in florida have a big decision on their hand today whether they want a backup plan to spend $350 million, taxpayers dollars to try and spruce up their old football stadium there to try and compete with this. 49ers new stadium looking awfully nice in the morning sun this morning. the bay area super bowl committee is sending its package next week to the nfl stating their case, that the 2016 super bowl should be played in santa clara, the 50th super bowl, the
6:55 am
$1.2 billion stadium has the fan space, hotels and secure perimeter that's needed. the link has given the super bowl to each team that's opened a new stadium since 2006. sun life stadium in florida, by comparison is 26 years old and the league says that frankly, it is just not good enough to hold a super bowl. they can back a taxpayer funded repair plan. the polls show that right now voters really don't want to pay for it there. the dolphins even pulled in legendary quarterback, dan marino, to see if he could get lawmakers to say yes. without the ren no he vation hosting the big game, not very likely. nfl owners will make their pick on who will host the game on may 21st. right now, 49ers looking pretty good. reporting live in santa clara, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> that will be great to see. >> really. >> 6:55. imagine being able to turn off any of your kids toys. you have three of them. imagine being able to turn off
6:56 am
any of them with any push of the button. >> not just three toys but three triplet toddlers there. scott mcgrew has all of the power in the palm of his hand. it is gadget friday. good morning to you. this is such a clever idea. both mike inouye and i said, why didn't we think of this? because we are not as clever as engineers. this is a battery holder called a tether cell. it has a blue tooth chip in the back. ed the idea is, you can use it to control any battery-operated device. so i have this porch light here, for instance. i can use my cell phone, my smart phone to turn it on and turn it off. so as i try to get it to work there, there it goes. very good. i can get elmo to turn on or off at will. $30 from tether elmo was not cooperative earlier. we are going to make sure he is more cooperative this time. i am going to turn elmo on. in a perfect world, i will be able to turn him off again.
6:57 am
>> that's one way to do it. >> how cool is that. you press the button and he falls off the table. >> wow, that's live tv, folks. $30. it is just so clever. you just knocked the power right out using the blue tooth chip from your smart phone. it will work with anything that's blue tooth. >> it is jobs friday. we have the big board this morning. the dow industrial is this close to crossing 15,000, 14,978 as we got good news on jobs this rng month. back to you. >> we will take it. thank you very much. >> i just hope scott checks on elmo. he is still in the floor. >> we have been covering it all morning for you live. flying across the country using only the power of the sun. a solar-powered airplane taking off for the first of its journey. >> our very own bob redell is watching it take off. how long is this flight going to
6:58 am
take? >> reporter: well, it is going to take a good 19 hours. that's how slow solar impulse flies. right now, it is moezying ovsey the bay area. about 40 minutes ago, the pilot, swissman, bertrand picard lifted off in an attempt to make aviation history to become the first person to fly across country in a solar-powered aircraft that can fly nht and day without expending one drop of fuel. relying on the power of the sun during the daylight hours. solar charged batteries at night. it will rely on those 12,000 solar cells on top of its 208 foot wide wingspan. that's markable. it's longer and wider than the 747. four motorized propellers that are powering it. it is the equivalent of the horsepower of an electric
6:59 am
scooter. enough power to stay aloft but not enough to go very fast. top speed of 40 miles an hour, which is why the trip is broken up into five legs. this first one expected to take 19 hours. a long time for one man inside a cockpit by himself. >> i went to that very early. i was 9:00 in bed. i think it is fine. it is no real adrenaline. it is just fact that we are happy with it, because we are just starting this flight mission. >> first leg to phoenix. he should be arriving around 1:00 this morning, 19 hours in liftoff this morning. sometime in july, they will complete the other four legs, finally arriving in new york city, an aviation first as they complete this. bob redell, "today in the bay." great to see the history. we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. coming up later at 11:00 a.m., we will hear from the local boy
7:00 am
who survived the boston bombings. we will hear from him once again. great to watch. have yourselves a great weekend. we will see you tomorrow or monday. good morn good morning. breaking news. raging wildfires cutting a devastating path across southern california, forcing thousands from their homes. hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames but conditions today could make the situation a lot worse. the tape. dash cam video of reese witherspoon's arrest gets out. the oscar winner unruly with police. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> this morning, the performance she didn't want you to see. ♪ and psy live. after taking the world by storm with "gangnam style" he has another huge hit with


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